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Axis Family Virtual Care

Axis Family Virtual Care: video-based doctor visits for you and your family!

These days may not have been what we expected, but your doctor has never put your healthcare needs on hold, even if Coronavirus may have affected your life.  At Axis Family Care we’re here to help even if you can’t be here physically.

We are pleased to introduce Axis Family Virtual Care: video-based doctor visits for you and your family. We offer primary care services for both adults and children.

With our new Virtual Care service, you’ll get the same experience as you would at a doctor’s office, at the comfort of your own home through a video call.

You and your family can receive high-quality medical care for:

  • Help with most new or existing medical concerns
  • Follow-up visits
  • Necessary prescriptions or refills
  • All of your blood work, imaging and referrals
  • Easy and same-day appointments

To book an appointment:

Simply call our office during business hours or use the appointment tab on our website at

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Virtual care visits are covered by most insurance companies. Standard co-payment and deductible may apply.

Please contact us to discuss about options if you are in need of care but are currently uninsured.