In order to ensure the safety of every individual, states, local governments, and large private enterprises instituted rules and regulations regarding facial covering use. Despite the overwhelming importance, many persons fail to protect themselves adequately with their facial coverings. The following will outline key points from the Centers For Disease Control webpage regarding safe and ideal facial covering use. 

Wearing Mask / Facial Coverings Correctly

  • Wash your hands thoroughly prior to putting on your mask
  • First, place the mask over your nose and mouth prior to adjusting the elastic bands around your ears/back of the head 
  • Aim to create a snug fit between your mask and face

The Don’ts Of Wearing A Mask / Facial Covering 

  • Don’t place or rest the mask either around forehead or neck
  • Don’t touch or tamper with the mask, if this occurs aim to wash hands immediately 
  • Don’t place a mask on any of the following types of individuals: persons under the age of 2, unconscious individuals, or any person incapable of removing the facial covering on their effort

The following serves as a general overview regarding proper and effective facial covering use as directed by the Center For Disease Control. A more exhaustive list can be found by following the URL below.  (Edited by Bartosz Skiba)

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